Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We provide a large state-aligned question bank for teachers to print test prep questions and receive an innovative misconception analysis. You can search through folders or our search bar, find the questions you love, and push print! A PDF file downloads on your browser. We then take you through the process of analyzing student data to plan for your next lesson. Check it out!
Our database costs 580 dollars for each subject and grade level, per year. We offer discounts at special events.
You have to choose the questions you like in English first. Then click Print, and you will see the options for printing in Spanish.
Our tool allows you to differentiate your test prep and it includes a misconception analysis, which finds out exactly why a student missed a question. It's difficult to do that when you have grade specific textbooks ready-made in print.
You can print an assessment in under a minute. No need to create rosters and assignments, and no training required. We provide you with tools to inform action as well
You can reach us at - We will respond within 24 hours.

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