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Welcome to Intervene

Data + Tutoring = Growth.

Intervene provides schools with the resources
they need to achieve success. Our solution analyzes student misunderstandings, groups students, and tutors online with real instructors and differentiated lessons.

Online Tutoring

Our online tutoring platform allows your students to access quality tutors during or after the school day.

Data Driven Instruction

An algorithm calculates what your students struggle with, so you don't have to.

Intervention Efficiency

Our dashboards provide recommendations for scheduling and planning tiered intervention

Formative Assessments

Teachers and Interventionists can easily gauge student understanding and measure progress

Our Solutions

Live, Online Small Group Tutoring

We take the traditional small group approach to an online setting. Intervene offers 4:1, live and online group tutoring to help students reach their full potential. Our tutors are familiar with common distractors/misconceptions and have experience working with students of all grade levels. Contact us for a free consultation.

Data Dash™
Formative Assessments and Misconception Analysis

Data Dash is a feature that allows teachers to manage classes, assessments, assessment results, and more. Once a teacher has created an assessment, they can then assign it to their class. Students will take the assessment online and their results are automatically analyzed as they complete the exam. Detailed assessment reports are available so that teachers can see exactly what and why students are struggling.

Formative Assessments and Misconception Analysis

Smart Prep is a feature that allows teachers to create personalized assessments from our test bank spanning across multiple subjects and grade levels. The Smart Prep feature allows a teacher to choose questions they like, arrange them however they please, and either save or print the assessment. Smart Prep analyzes why a student would choose each possible answer choice for a question and gives you details on what distractor/misconception a student is struggling with, in seconds.

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